Musicianship Classes

Dr. Matthew Hagle, Program Director


All students registered for private lessons at MIC receive free musicianship classes as an added value to their private lesson experience.  Students may enter the musicianship program beginning at age five.  (Annual $40 materials fee.)

What’s Musicianship?
MIC's Musicianship Program is the key to a complete and well-rounded musical education. By increasing the understanding of the language of music and studying music literature and history, students achieve greater competency and enjoyment at their instruments.  Musicianship classes are essential to the student’s awareness of all the elements of music.  They provide a group experience that allows students to share their love of music with peers, while increasing their ability to think critically and express ideas effectively through discussion of musical issues.

Weekly group classes include:
    • sight-singing
    • rhythmic reading
    • dictation
    • music theory
    • music history
    • keyboard skills

Musicianship Classes Include

  • Ready, Set, Read! (ages 5-7; studying an instrument)
  • Intro to Musicianship (ages 6-8; studying an instrument)
  • Musicianship I (ages 7-10)
  • Musicianship II (ages 9-11)
  • Musicianship III (ages 10-13)
  • Musicianship Multi-level
  • Teen Musicianship (ages 13-18; no prerequisites or prior experience required)
  • General Musicianship (ages 12-15; Elective level class:  prerequisite Musicianship level 3)
  • Keyboard Literature (ages 12-15; Elective level class:  prerequisite Musicianship level 3)
  • Pre-College Musicianship (ages 15-18; prerequisite Elective level or teacher recommendation)
  • Jazz Musicianship (for students enrolled in private instruction or a jazz combo)

How to Enroll

Enrollment in musicianship classes is on a first-come, first-served basis and registration is required. Due to the sequential, year-long curriculum, all participants must register for and begin attending classes by November 15. Consistent attendance is required.

Please contact your local Campus Director for more information about how to sign up today!