The Music Institute of Chicago is the only regional community music school, and one of few community music schools in the nation, to offer organ and harpsichord instruction. MIC is the home of two important, historic pipe organs: a fully restored, three manual, 1914 E.M.Skinner organ in Nichols Concert Hall, and a 1936 Kimball pipe organ. Organ instruction offers piano students the opportunity to uniquely expand their knowledge of historic keyboard instruments and repertoire. MIC also has a vibrant Early Music department with ensemble opportunities for organ players.


Organ Faculty

Department Chair: James Russell Brown


James Russell Brown

Margaret Kemper


Specifications of the E.M. Skinner Organ, Opus 208

Skinner Organ

Organ built by Ernest M. Skinner Company, Boston, Massachusetts

Opus 208 (completed June 1, 1914)

Complete historic restoration (2005-2007)

Jeff Weiler, Pipe Organ Curators and Conservators, Chicago, Illinois


Three manuals and pedal 61/30: 25 ranks, 1569 pipes, 37 drawknobs


Great Organ

Bourdon 16’ (Ped 1st Bourdon-61 notes)

Diapason 8’ (68 pipes)

Philomela 8’ (Pedal Diapason)

Erzähler 8’ (68 pipes)

Gedackt 8’ (Swell)

Dulciana 8’ (Swell Aeoline)

Octave 4’* (61 pipes)

Flute 4’ (Swell)

Twelfth 2 2/3’* (61 pipes)

Fifteenth 2’* (61 pipes)

Cornopean 8’ (Swell)


* added in the 1930s


Choir Organ (enclosed)

Geigen Principal 8’ (61 pipes)

Concert Flute 8’ (61 pipes)

Flute 4’ (61 pipes)

Clarinet 8’ (61 pipes)


Swell Organ (enclosed)

Bourdon 16’ (68 pipes)

Diapason 8’ (68 pipes)

Gedackt 8’ (68 pipes)

Salicional 8’ (68 pipes)

Voix Celestes 8’ (68 pipes)

Aeoline 8’ (68 pipes)

Unda Maris 8’ (56 pipes-Ten. C)

Octave 4’ (68 pipes)

Flute 4’ (68 pipes)

Flautino 2’ (61 pipes)

Posaune 16’ (68 pipes)

Cornopean 8’ (68 pipes)

Flugelhorn 8’ (68 pipes)

Vox Humana 8’ (68 pipes)



Pedal Organ

Diapason 16’ (73 pipes)

First Bourdon 16’(61 pipes)

Second Bourdon 16’(Swell)

Octave 8’ (Diapason extension)

Stillgedackt 8’ (Swell)

Posaune 16’ (Swell)


Swell to Pedal         

Great to Pedal       

Choir to Pedal       

Swell to Pedal   


Swell to Great 

Choir to Great 

Swell to Choir 


Swell to Swell 16’  

Swell to Swell 4’    

Swell to Great 16’

Swell to Great 4’

Great to Great 4’   

Choir to Great 16’


5 Swell

4 Great

4 Choir

4’ 4 Pedal



Gt to Ped Reversible

Sforzando Reversible

Choir Expression

Swell Expression



Sw,Gt,Ch to



Teacher Spotlight:  Arlene Stokman, piano
Teacher Spotlight: Arlene Stokman, piano

"The child, parent and teacher form a “trio” that works towards a common goal: the success of the child."