2018 Brass for Beginners® Summer Camp

Dates:  June 18 - 22, 2018
  Monday-Friday, 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Location:  Evanston East Campus, 1490 Chicago Avenue, Evanston 
Camp Director: Chris Hasselbring, MIC trumpet faculty

Ages:  8 - 10


Cost:  $220 includes craft supplies and method book. Instrument and carrying case provided for home practice during the session.  (+30 registration fee for new/returning students). For additional online student resources visit: www.bfbresources.com

Registration Deadline:   June 1, 2018

Questions? Please contact: Chris Hasselbring

Get a Head-Start on Brass!


Meet Ragnar, a prehistoric trumpeter and time traveler, who will be your tour guide on “Around the World in Twenty-One Trumpets.”


This revolutionary method uses a natural (valveless) trumpet to teach the fundamentals of brass playing. Students embark on an interactive journey through time and across the globe, tracing the development of lip-blown instruments throughout human history, while developing the aural and technical skills necessary for playing any of the modern brass instruments (trumpet, French horn, trombone, or tuba). The curriculum is presented through a narrative, bringing a sense of adventure and meaning to playing, and inspiring creativity in sound production from the start. Get ready for a Brass Odyssey!


Camp activities include: 

  • Learn about the acoustic properties of lip-blown instruments from simple horns and shells, to modern brass instruments
  • Make your own lip-blown instrument out of various materials
  • Play trumpets covered in the curriculum, such as  bones, shells, and horns trumpets, as well as replicas of historical instruments such as the Egyptian Snb, Greek Salpinx, and Roman Lituus
  • Learning the fundamentals of sound production, articulation, and navigation of the harmonic series on the BfB Natural Trumpet™, a polycarbonate version of the historic trumpet often referred to as a Baroque trumpet
  • Learn about some of the amazing experts and artists who contribute to the Brass for Beginners® program 


This intensive five day summer camp will inspire rapid technical and musical development, preparing students to play any modern brass instrument. It is the perfect jump start for participation in your child’s instrumental music program at their school.

To learn more about Brass for Beginners®, visit www.brassforbeginners.com.