Alumni Association

The Music Institute of Chicago Alumni Association (MICAA) was created in 2011 to keep students and faculty connected with the school and each other.


At the Music Institute we believe that enjoying and understanding music and developing the skills to create and perform music enhance the quality of life and nourish the human spirit.


The Music Institute seeks to provide the foundation for a life-long engagement with music and the MIC Alumni Association supports this core tenet of our mission with a focus on life-long engagement with music.



Who are MIC alumni?

Anyone who has ever taken a class, served on the faculty or staff or been an actively involved parent at the Music Institute of Chicago, the Music Center of the North Shore or any of our predecessor organizations.  


We are actively looking for alumni leaders to help us develop activities in Chicagoland and on the coasts where many of our alumni live and work. We invite you to reconnect with the Music Institute by updating your contact information and sharing current news about yourself and your activities, musical and otherwise.