Academy Audition Schedule


Please contact Sue Polutnik to schedule your audition for the 2020-2021 school year.


Auditions are held in April, June, and August (ior by special appointement) at the Winnetka campus, 300 Green Bay Road. Current MIC students are required to audition in April or June if they are also enrolled in the CMS Chamber Music program.

April auditions – April 14, 3pm – 7pm

June auditions – June 8, 3pm-7pm

August auditions – August 10, 11, 12 3pm – 7pm


All prospective Academy students are required to pass a pre-screen audition via an electronic performance, before a live audition will be scheduled. 



 Audition Steps

1. Please contact Sue Polutnik to discuss the pre-screen process and requirements. All registered MIC students and new prospective students are required to submit a video performance link for pre-screening purposes one month prior to a live audition. 


2. Once approval is secured for a live audition, an application and audition repertoire list is required at least two weeks before the audition.

     - Students are allowed to audition on one instrument with the exception of violinists /violists, who may audition with either or both if they prefer.

     - Applicants must bring their own accompanist and will be responsible for all fees. If a student does not have an accompanist, MIC can provide a list of area accompanists.


3. All applicants must do a live audition at MIC unless the candidate lives more than 250 miles from the campus. A DVD may be submitted for the final audition process with advance permission.