Academy Audition Calendar


Please contact Sue Polutnik to schedule your audition for the 2018-2019 school year. 


Current MIC students: Monday, April 9, 2018: 3pm - 6pm, Thoresen Performance Center, 300 Green Bay Road, Winnetka campus.


Non-MIC students: Monday, June 4 and Monday, August 20,  3pm-6pm, Thoresen Performance Center, 300 Green Bay Road, Winnetka campus.

Additional auditions will be scheduled by appointment.


All prospective Academy students are required to pass a pre-screen audition via an electronic performance, before a live audition will be scheduled. 


 Audition Steps

1. Please contact Sue Polutnik to discuss the pre-screen process and requirements. All registered MIC students and new prospective students are required to submit a video performance link for pre-screening purposes one month prior to a live audition. 


2. Once approval is secured for a live audition, an application and audition repertoire list is required at least two weeks before the audition.

     - Students are allowed to audition on one instrument with the exception of violinists /violists, who may audition with either or both if they prefer.

     - Applicants must bring their own accompanist and will be responsible for all fees. If a student does not have an accompanist, MIC can provide a list of area accompanists.


3. All applicants must do a live audition at MIC unless the candidate lives more than 250 miles from the campus. A DVD can be submitted for the final audition process with advance permission.