Academy Audition Schedule


As the COVID-19 health crisis continues to evolve and we remain in a Stay at Home way of life, the Academy has delayed live auditions for all prospective students. Live auditions will now be held in August at the MIC Winnetka Campus, 300 Green Bay Road. Students should continue to submit pre-screen videos when their pieces are polished and ready for review, no later than two weeks before the audition date. Upon approval of a live audition after the pre-screen review, you will receive the program application and information regarding the audition process.


Please stay safe, and we will see you in the summer. Thank you.


Sue Polutnik

Executive Director




June auditions: June 8 from 3 pm - 7 pm

August auditions: August 10, 11, 12 from 3 pm – 7 pm


Please contact Sue Polutnik to schedule your live audition for the 2020-2021 school year.


All prospective Academy students are required to pass a pre-screen audition via an electronic performance, before a live audition will be scheduled. 

Please submit electronic links (via YouTube or performances you have recorded at home or school, or with a sound engineer ) to determine if a live audition is approved. By doing a pre-screen, the judges can determine if the skillset is at the right level and also review technical proficiency, musicality, and intonation. Academy Director Jim Setapen and MIC President Mark George review the pre-screen submissions. Again, please make sure this is a polished piece that will exhibit the true level of talent.


The pre-screen review must include two pieces of contrasting styles--something lyrical and something showing virtuosity. Students are NOT required to perform the exact required repertoire for the live audition, but the difficulty level should be the same. The pre-screen link is due via email no later than two weeks before a live audition date. Once the pre-screen is reviewed, you will be contacted regarding a live audition in Winnetka. If a live audition is approved, you will receive the Academy application that should be completed before the audition. There is no fee for the application.



 Audition Steps

1. Please contact Sue Polutnik to discuss the pre-screen process and requirements. All registered MIC students and new prospective students are required to submit a video performance link for pre-screening purposes one month prior to a live audition. 


2. Once approval is secured for a live audition, an application and audition repertoire list is required before the audition.

     - Students are allowed to audition on one instrument with the exception of violinists /violists, who may audition with either or both if they prefer.

     - Applicants must bring their own accompanist and will be responsible for all fees. If a student does not have an accompanist, MIC can provide a list of area accompanists.


3. All applicants must do a live audition at MIC unless the candidate lives more than 250 miles from the campus. A DVD may be submitted for the final audition process with advance permission.