Book Two & Beyond Program

July 2 - 7, 2023


Program components for string and flute students include:
  - lesson class
  - small group class emphasizing tone and technique

  - large group class emphasizing refinement of repertoire

Program components for piano students include:
  - lesson class
  - small group class emphasizing note-reading skills
  - a performance


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Suzuki Philosophy - shared responsibility, defined roles


A major tenet of the Suzuki philosophy is that each child works with a parent or guardian in the home practice between lessons.   

For this reason, a parent or guardian must accompany all students in classes throughout the week.


The Suzuki Philosophy benefits the student and parent in many ways:

  - The parent can help the student better understand and keep track
    of daily assignments

  - Parents serve as the interface between the home teacher and the institute
    teacher as needed by the student

  - Students witness other students working with their parents and gain insight
    into their working relationship with their own parent

  - Students and parents share in the overall experience, thus enriching the home
    practice throughout the school year


Any exception to the parental attendance requirement must be discussed and approved by the institute director.