Corporate Spotlight

The Music Institute of Chicago (MIC) is delighted to welcome Shure Incorporated, as our 90th Anniversary Technology Sponsor.

Founded in Chicago in 1925 by Sidney N. Shure as a one-man company selling AM radio kits, Shure has grown into a global manufacturer of microphones and audio products and is recognized as a worldwide leader in the audio industry. We are fortunate to have had Shure as a partner with MIC for many years, including providing the audio equipment for Nichols Concert Hall when it opened in 2003.

As the 90th Anniversary Technology Sponsor, Shure will equip MIC with the capability to bring the latest and best in world-class sound to Nichols Concert Hall and to broadcasts of recitals and concerts worldwide.

“Shure Incorporated is proud to be the technical sponsor of the Music Institute of Chicago. As a worldwide innovator in sound and audio technology for over 95 years, we appreciate and celebrate the work MIC is doing to educate, engage, and inspire communities through the power of music. Shure congratulates MIC on their 90th anniversary and the extraordinary work they have done and will continue to do in the future,” said Christine Schyvinck, President and CEO, Shure Incorporated, on the growing partnership.

With this partnership, MIC will grow its holdings of audio and microphone equipment substantially and will have access to Shure’s expert team to advance our goal of delivering the highest quality musical performances to live audiences in our own spaces and around the world. In the coming months, as Nichols Concert Hall reopens to the public, concert goers will benefit from a more pristine sound. Coupled with new additions to live streaming capabilities, remote listeners will be able to enjoy performances broadcast from Nichols.

“The Music Institute of Chicago is grateful for our long-time association and friendship with Shure Incorporated, especially as we celebrate our 90th anniversary” remarked MIC President and CEO, Mark George. “Our organizations share a commitment to innovation and excellence. Shure products help the Music Institute engage with communities near and far to share our musical and educational resources.”

We hope you will join us in appreciating the amazing gift that Shure is providing the Music Institute by listening to our live-streamed performances in the coming months and by visiting Nichols Concert Hall when it reopens.

To discuss opportunities to build a tailored partnership with MIC, contact Stuart Kipnis, Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations.