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CSI Faculty

Listings are from the 2018 Chicago Suzuki Institute (unless marked)

Institute Faculty & Short Term Teacher Training Courses

ECC = Every Child Can
TTC = Teacher Training Courses


Elisa Barston, WA (Advanced Program)
Reagan Brasch, CT
Sharon Chung, IL

Carla Brasch Francis, NY

Everett Goodwin, CO

Nancy Jackson, IL (TTC 6, 7)

Susan McDonald, MO

Vera McCoy-Sulentic, IL (TTC 1)

Joanne Melvin, Alberta, CAN (TTC 2, 3)

Ann Montzka-Smelser, IL (TTC 8, 9/10)

Kathleen Spring, CO (TTC 4, 5)

Janis Wittrig, IL

Shigetoshi Yamada, IL

Sharon Chung, IL

Amy Sue Barston, PA
Pam Devenport, NY (TTC 4, 5)
Jean Dexter, MO (TTC 1)
Nancy Hair, MA (TTC 8, 9/10)

Abbey Hansen, OH
David Holmes, MN
Marilyn Kesler, MI
Carol Ourada, IL
Jeffrey Lincoln Smelser, IL
Carol Tarr, CO (TTC 6, 7)
Nina Wallenberg, IL

Mary Walters, WA
Barbara Wampner, CA (TTC 2, 3)


Fay Swadley Adams, TN (TTC 4, 5)

Susanne Baker, IL

Caroline Fraser, Peru (TTC 1)
Rita Hauck, TX (TTC 2, 3)

Yumy Kim, IL

Christina Tio, IL


Kathy Lee, IL
Nina Wallenberg, IL

Susanne Baker, IL (Piano Enrichment)

Aaron Kaplan, IL (Orchestra)
Marilyn Kesler, MI (Orchestra)
Wayne Krigger, KY (Music and Movement)
Carol Ourada, IL (Orchestra)
Crystal Plohman Wiegman, TN (Fiddling)
Jeffrey Lincoln Smelser, IL (Orchestra)


David Dunford, CA
Matt Hagle, IL
Sung Hoon Mo, IL

Milana Pavchinskaya, IL

Teacher Spotlight on Julia Wen, cello
Teacher Spotlight on Julia Wen, cello

"Each of my teachers built up different parts of my playing and teaching abilities, but the thing they all shared was a genuine concern for my well-being as a person, not just as a cellist."