Drama Therapy

What is Drama Therapy?

Drama Therapy is the methodical use of written, verbal, and non-verbal means of expression derived from the practices of theatre for the purposes of psychotherapy. A Drama Therapist works with clients to explore roles, create narrative, embody experience, and work on social interaction for insight, behavior change, and to promote the optimal healthy functioning of individuals and social systems.

In Drama Therapy you may see…

Role-Play: A Drama Therapist may use role-play.  Within the safety of an imagined character clients can explore aspects of themselves.

Projective Narrative: Within a set of imaginary circumstances a story is developed that may allow externalization of internal questions and conflicts.

The Therapist in Role: Essential to Drama Therapy is the ability of the therapist to ally with clients by entering into their imaginary world in role, while maintaining observant awareness of the overall process and goals.

De-roling and Labeling: The therapist will guide clients out of character and story to allow for reflection and closure.

How does it work?

Drama Therapy engages the entire self: physical, mental and emotional aspects.  It evokes creative imagination which integrates past and present as well as inner and outer reality.  The embodied action of drama therapy provides opportunities to build social, emotional, and behavioral coping skills.


A look at some of the resources available for the Drama Therapists at MIC

Who are Drama Therapists?

Drama Therapists are trained in psychotherapy and drama/theatre.  They hold a masters or doctoral degree from a program accredited by the National Association for Drama Therapy or a masters or doctoral degree in mental health or theatre supplemented by required courses stipulated by the NADT in its Alternative Training Program.  The designation “Registered Drama Therapist” (RDT) is awarded by NADT to applicants who fulfill requirements beyond the academic degree: clinical internships, supervised professional practice, and documented experience.


National Association for Drama Therapy

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