Upcoming Events
Adult Student Fall Recitals December 5, 2020 5:00 pm
Music Institute Chorale presents: Mozart's Mass In C minor December 6, 2020 3:00 pm Sunday, December 6, 2020 3 PM | via Zoom

Early Music

Spring Semseter Begins: 

Monday, February 1:       Spring Semester Private Instruction begins (17 weeks)
Monday, February 1:       Spring group classes and ensembles begin


Classes via Zoom

Classes will initially be taught via Zoom in an interactive style, with the intention to gradually incorporate a combination of remote and in-person teaching (for those who are interested). MIC will proceed with an abundance of caution, basing all decisions on the most current guidelines provided by the CDC and the governor.

In addition to group class offerings in Early Music, private instruction is offered in: baroque violin, viola da gamba, recorder, natural trumpet, harpsichord, and organ.  Inquire Now >>


Fall 2020 Early Music classes are under way. Please contact Guinevere Grimstad for more information about these classes. 


Baroque Ornamentation for Instrumentalists

60 minutes • $135.75 – MIC private instruction student; $297 – non-MIC private instruction student
Open to any string and woodwind students of intermediate-to-advanced playing ability and intermediate ability in reading music notation. Explore the essential graces that make Baroque music come alive. Learn how to perform them and how to add them to your current pieces.
Wednesday    7:00 pm    Patrick O’Malley    Zoom

Viol Technique & Repertoire Class (age 14-adult)
75 minutes • $297.75 • 15 weeks

Distance learning will incorporate Consort-Minus-One recordings and consist of weekly presentations on major viol consort repertoire and techniques for practicing. For intermediate students, with doubled parts, repertoire is tailored to median ability level focusing on technique, ensemble playing, and in-depth exploration of repertoire. 1-2 performances per academic year. No audition necessary.
Tuesday    7:15 pm    Phillip Serna        Evanston Downtown

Advanced Viol Consort Chamber Group (age 14-adult)

45 minutes • $378 • 15 weeks
Distance learning will incorporate Consort-Minus-One recordings and focus on technically challenging repertoire to build technique and chamber music skills. For advanced students, no doubling of parts, challenging repertoire with focus towards performance. 2-4 performances per academic year. Maximum enrollment of 6 (2 treble, 2 tenor, 2 bass). By audition at the discretion of instructor.  Contact Patrick O’Malley to set up an audition.
Tuesday    8:30 pm    Phillip Serna        Evanston Downtown