Expectations for Chamber Music Participants

Welcome to the chamber music program at the Music institute of Chicago! Joining a chamber music ensemble is one of the most rewarding experiences a musician can have.  Chamber music players enjoy collaboration with colleagues while playing an independent part and exploring new repertoire.  The experience of playing together in small groups is something students will cherish for years to come.




Students enrolled in the chamber music program are expected to:


Attend weekly coachings consistently each semester (15 weeks per semester). 


Arrive at least 10 minutes before their coaching and unpack their instruments in the hallway before the coaching begins.


Bring the following materials each week:

  • Folder with music (measures are to be numbered at the beginning of each line)
  • Sharpened pencil

Complete the assignment that was given at the previous coaching. 


Chamber Music is Teamwork!


The success of the group depends on the preparation of the individual and the participation of the whole.  Each individual is expected to practice during the week and to come prepared to each coaching.  If each individual works toward achieving these goals, the group will be successful.  Private teachers are eager to assist with fingerings, bowings, etc. Please ask for their assistance.


Attendance Policy


If a student cannot attend a chamber music coaching, the parent is responsible for contacting the coach at least 24-hours in advance via email.  Students will not receive a refund for the coaching that they missed, nor is the coach responsible for making up the coaching that the student missed.  If the coach needs to miss a session, he/she will be responsible for finding a substitute teacher to give a coaching during the assigned rehearsal time.  If proper arrangements cannot be made, the coach will be responsible for rescheduling the coaching that was missed either during makeup week or at an alternate mutually agreed upon time. If a student does not attend the makeup lesson, the coach is not required to reschedule another session.  


Because the chamber music group consists of several individuals, the success of the group is reliant upon consistent attendance by all members of the group.  If a student exceeds a total of three absences per semester, the student will be excused from the program.  Each enrolled student is expected to be committed to being present each week.


Performance Opportunities


Chamber Music Concerts: At the end of each semester, there will be two recitals held at Nichols Concert Hall.  Each chamber group is expected to perform at least one of these concerts.  Please save-the-dates and let your coach know if you have any conflicts at the beginning of the semester.  Your coach will be responsible for signing up the group for the chamber concert.


Community Outreach: The chamber music program will be participating in community outreach concerts. Once dates have been set, coaches will be notified and asked to recommend any groups that they feel are prepared.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Chamber Music Program Director, Kyra Saltman at any time.  We look forward to having you participate in the Chamber Music Program at the Music Institute and wish you a wonderful year!


Dr. Daniel Baer

Chamber Music Acting Program Director  


David Cunliffe & Elaine Felder

Chamber Music Consultants