The Fermata Fund

The Music Institute of Chicago's Annual Fund


What IS that funny "birdseye" symbol over the "i" in our name and logo?  It's a fermata and its meaning is worth exploring.


fer·ma·ta  [ fer-mah-tah]

1. the sustaining of a note, chord, or rest for a duration longer than the indicated time value, with the length of the extension at the performer's discretion.
[from the Latin firmāre  to make firm, to establish ]

Our Mission: to provide the foundation for a life-long engagement with music. 

There are many ways in which people participate in the MIC community - from lessons, to concerts, to creative arts therapy programs, to support of our extensive community engagement initiatives.  Whether you are a current parent, alumni, music lover, friend or patron of community arts, we hope the services we provide mean something to you.  If so, we encourage you to help us sustain these program offerings through support of the Fermata Fund.
For donations above $1,500, please reference our Patron Society page for a list of member benefits.
Which program should your contribution go towards?
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Optionally include an honor/memory with recipient address if requesting an acknowledgement.
Example: This gift is in honor of John Doe.
Please send acknowledgement to: 999 Main St Chicago, IL 60601

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