A donation of any amount to the Nichols COVID-19 Support Fund will help us provide financial aid and technology for students in need to continue their studies through the summer.




Thank you for taking part in this international day of giving. As you know, the Music Institute is committed to using the power of music to educate, inspire, and bring comfort. We believe in music's transformative power to heal and connect us all. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began we have:


Fully transitioned to online instruction

  • 150 MIC faculty have continued to provide thousands of first-rate lessons to students of all ages with creativity, patience, and perseverance in a challenging new virtual environment.  The result:  much needed connection, comfort, stability and joy.


Continued to reach our vulnerable elderly population

  •  We have reached out to seniors who are especially isolated during COVID-19 through virtual recitals, musical phone calls, and spontaneous entertainment from our backyard or open windows.


Organized a special new concert series called "Indoor Voices"

  • This new series promises to help fill the void we're facing with concert halls and music venues closed by bringing the Nichols Concert Hall experience to your living room.  We believe in music's ability to life us up and carry us through the most trying times. This series will be making ‘house calls’ across the country to special guest artists, faculty and MIC alumni, all who have performed in Nichols Concert Hall and have helped to shape its legacy.