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Trying to decide where to take music lessons? 

Here's why more families choose the Music Institute of Chicago (MIC).


The MIC Music Program offers:

- A vibrant musical community who shares a love for the arts - Free master classes with visiting artists
- Special student events including family concerts, ice cream socials & more - Free admission to concerts at Nichols Concert Hall in downtown Evanston
- Opportunities to play with others in small music ensembles - Opportunities to perform at Nichols Concert Hall & other community service venues
- Group classes for listening & notation skills which complement private instruction  

The MIC advantage is that we treat every student as an individual,
matching interests and learning styles to just the right teachers and classes. 


There are two ways to get started.  Choose the one that works for you!



Whether you are a beginner at music lessons or an adult wanting to return to music, the Music Institute of Chicago is the place for you. Students of all ages and every level of experience are welcome.


Most students and their parents come to MIC with little or no experience with music. Parents enroll their children because they want music to be a part of their lives. They want their children to experience the brain-building, academic, social and creative benefits engaging with music can provide.


New students are welcomed to the Music Institute of Chicago through a virtual placement interview with a Campus Director. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced students have come to rely on MIC’s ability to meet the student where they are through a wide variety of offerings provided by experienced, caring faculty members. Whether you want to begin lessons and classes online or in-person, we will match you with the teacher who is the best fit for your interests, needs, and learning style.


MIC Private Instruction Program                

(rates per 17-week semester  | * You may register at any time in the semester for private lessons.)                 


2020-2021 Fall & Spring Private Instruction
(17 weeks per semester) | Pricing per semester


Traditional Private Instruction: Higher hourly rates apply to special rate faculty

60 minute weekly            $1,828.35

45 minute weekly            $1,425.45

30 minute weekly            $  1,023.40

Semi-Private Instruction   $   695.30

Suzuki Program:  Includes Suzuki group classes and activities (in your primary instrument)

60 minute weekly            $2,006.85

45 minute weekly            $1,603.95

30 minute weekly            $ 1,201.90

Semi-Private Instruction   $   873.80


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