Jacinda Ripley

Trumpet Faculty
Program Area: 
Private Instruction
With Music Institute of Chicago since: 

In 2017, Ms. Ripley received her Masters degree in trumpet performance from Northwestern University. She received her BM in trumpet performance from the Eastman School of Music and graduated in 2015.

Significant teachers and mentors: 

Jacinda's main teachers in trumpet have been Robert Sullivan and James Thompson. Her most significant mentor was her first trumpet teacher, Leah Schuman, who instilled a love for music from the very beginning.

Teaching philosophy and areas of expertise: 

Ms. Ripley's teaching philosophy involves honing the creativity and imagination of her students. She believes that everyone has the ability to play the notes and rhythms, but there is much more on the page. Music (and practicing) is fun, and deserves a creative approach!

Awards and achievements: 

Jacinda has performed with the Credo Orchestral Program, and the Chautauqua School Festival Orchestra. In 2015, Jacinda was awarded the Sidney Mear Trumpet Prize.

Professional affiliations & activities: 

Jacinda is currently a member of Northshore Concert Band under the direction of Dr. Mallory Thompson. She also is apart of Lake Shore Brass, a brass quintet formed in association with Northwestern University in 2016.

Interests outside of music: 

Jacinda's other interests include: coffee drinking, exploring new places, and reading biographies.

Favorite quote: 

"Risk it for the Biscuit."

Favorite practice tip: 

When you don't feel like practicing, follow Nike's motto, "Just do it!" Once you get into it, you'll wish you would have started sooner!

Favorite composer or piece to play: 

Smetana's Ma Vlast is Ms. Ripley's favorite piece to listen to and perform. This symphonic poem has brought her closer to her Czech roots, and the beautiful melodies and harmonies never get old.

Favorite musical moment: 

Performing Mahler's Second Symphony "Resurrection" with the Eastman Philharmonia in 2014 has been Jacinda's favorite musical moment. The performance in Rochester, NY was dedicated in memory of Dean Lowry, and was an emotional and extremely rewarding experience.