Matthew Berger

Guitar Faculty (electric, acoustic, bass) and Music Production - Garage Band Instructor
Guitar (acoustic & electric)
Program Area: 
Private Instruction
Roots & Rock
Group Lessons
With Music Institute of Chicago since: 

Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) - Guitar Performance & Composition

Significant teachers and mentors: 

Tim Miller, Mark White, Gabriel Datcu, Sandip Burman, Mike McKissack

Teaching philosophy and areas of expertise: 

I think that emotional responses are the best way to improve our artistry, while structure and routine improve our performance skills and understanding of musical language. I try to balance the repetitive exercises and challenges with laughs, surprises, and trying to get students to creatively listen to the colorful palette of sounds. In the process, I also want to learn what music inspires them as we work towards our specific goals as musicians. Guitar is my area of expertise (electric, acoustic, bass), and I perform in various genres, including jazz and fusion, pop, hip hop, metal and rock, folk as well as various types of world music. I think of song repertoire as our structure and language, rhythm as our grounding and exercise, and melodies and scales as our expression of feelings.

Professional affiliations & activities: 

Cameroonian Bassist Gros Pokossi

Nigerian Pop Artist Nneka

Guitarist Gabriel Datcu

Cellist Ian Maksin

Indian Classical Tabla master Sandip Burman.

Interests outside of music: 

Interests outside of Music: Basketball, Soccer, Dogs, Hiking, Sci-Fi Books & Film

Favorite quote: 

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” - Einstein

Favorite practice tip: 

Preparation. Surround yourself with the learning tools you need on a daily basis: your instrument, your favorite recordings and albums (listening counts as practice), a metronome, tuner, sheet music, your music journal and a pencil.

Favorite composer or piece to play: 

Herbie Hancock