Music for Meditation Archive

By Mark George, President and CEO


I find that at certain times of the day, even when I haven’t been “working,” I am exhausted, just from the mental and emotional effort of carrying on. Meditation can help and sometimes I use music as a way to meditate. So I thought I would occasionally recommend a piece of music just for this purpose. Find a comfortable chair or lie down, turn on a smart speaker or put in earbuds, and just try your best to listen.


4.5.20 Mozart and Marcellus


4.10.20 Brahms and Kissin


4.11.20 Ellington and Mahalia Jackson

4.19 20 Solti and Beethoven


4.26.20 Arvo Pärt and Anne Akiko Meyers


5.10.20 Adams and Nicholas Hodges


5.17.20 Schubert and Brendel


5.24.20 Dvořák and the Dover Quartet


6.7.20  John Coltrane's "Alabama"


6.14.20 Bach's Brich dem Hungrigen dein Brot


6.21.20 John Cage's 4'33"


7.5.20 Charles Ives and Bernstein


7.26.20 J.S. Bach and violin alumna Jennifer Koh


8.2.20 Vangelis and "Missing"


8.9.20 Tan Dun's "Prayer and Blessing"