Music Resources & Advocacy

“Music is not a calling to be pursued in solitude by the talented.   It is basic to life, like bread and fresh air.” 

– David Dushkin

The research is in. The profound and far-reaching effect music has on our lives is at times suprising, but always affirming. 


Here is a sampling of interesting news, commentary and research showing the tremendous value of music and music education. 


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New Ways Into the Brain’s ‘Music Room’

Research News from The New York Times by Natalie Angier, February 8, 2016

A Musical Fix for American Schools

Essay from The Wall Street Journal by Joanne Lipman, October 10, 2014


Musical Training Linked to Stronger Executive Function
Research News in Psych Congress Network by Jolyn Tumolo, June, 2014


"One More Time: Why do we listen to our favorite music over and over again? Because repeated sounds work magic in our brains."
Essay from Aeon Magazine by Elizabeth Helmuth Margulis, March 7, 2014


How Playing a Musical Instrument Benefits Your Brain

Short Documentary by Anita Collins, 2014

Trimming Music Education in Schools is a Mistake

Op-Ed from Chicago Tribune by Mark George, August 16, 2011

 20 Important Benefits of Music in our Schools
Article from, March 10, 2011


Review by David Rothenberg, January 18, 2011

Do We Need Music?


The Music Instinct: How Music Works and Why We Can't Do Without It, by Phillip Ball, Oxford University Press, September, 2010


Einstein On Creative Thinking: Music and the Intuitive Art of Scientific Imagination

Essay exploring what Einstein said about playing music by Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein, Psychology Today, March, 2010