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Women in Music Concert Features Audrey Morrison

MIC Jazz Studies Director Audrey Morrison premiered her Kaleidosonic Suite for solo trombone and concert band Sunday, March 10 with the Mt. Prospect Community Band as part of a special concert celebrating women in music.  This four movement piece uses classical and jazz elements and uses improvisation throughout. 


"When I received the offer to solo with the Mt. Prospect band, Ralph Wilder, the conductor, and I tried to think of a piece that would feature both classical and jazz styles.  We were unable to find anything that truly integrated both.  It has always been a goal of mine to compose a concerto, so I seized the opportunity to write a new piece," said Morrison.


The kaleidoscope reference in the title was chosen because, like a kaleidoscope, just a few minor turns creates a different musical picture.  In this way Morrison hopes to show just how related classical and jazz styles can be.