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MIC Shines at the Chicago Brass Festival

Congratulations to MIC Trumpet Ensembles and Arts Link Brass for Beginners students from Lincoln Elementary School for outstanding performances at the 2014 Chicago Brass Festival at North Eastern Illinois University. This year marked the 6th consecutive year of MIC Trumpet Ensembles participation, and the 3rd year for Brass for Beginners students. This year, five different MIC trumpet and brass ensembles were featured in the recital hall:

MIC Trumpet Quartet I
Filip Czarkowski, John Kinne, Victoria Seliger, Michael Werner
MIC Trumpet Quartet II
Charlie Clarke, Will Johnson, Jerry Sun, Jefferson Wenzel
MIC Trumpet Quartet III
Angelina Escobar, Abby Gilliland, Charlie Lindland, Adam Marquardt
MIC Trumpet Trio
Gabriel Karsh, Sean Gilliland, Calvin McNamara
MIC Brass Quartet

Trumpets, Jack Fay and Alisa Kondratyev
French Horn, Will Donovan
Trombone, Yumiko Hasselbring

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