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Celebrate Small Victories! ~ Mikaela Joo, violin

Last week, Mikaela Joo, a six year-old student of Erin Cano played Long, Long Ago at her weekly lesson. More significantly, she played the entire piece with a beautiful bow hold. Getting the bow hold (the way the right hand holds and guides the bow) just right is of primary importance in the early years of study.  A good and reliable bow hold enables the student to use the bow with musical intention to make beautiful sounds. This little piece of violin technique also allows the student to successfully navigate much more advanced repertoire in the years ahead.


Mikaela is a first grade student from Glenview.  Meet Mikaela and other Suzuki students at the upcoming Suzuki Festival Concerts this weekend, May 16-18.

Teacher Spotlight on Sanghui Wimbiscus cello
Teacher Spotlight: Sanghui Wimbiscus, cello

"Based on my own experience of not having a good foundation in the beginning of my studies and paying the cost later on, I feel a strong commitment to help my students develop a firm foundation on which they can build."