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2015 Sejong Music Competition Winners

December 6, 2015


Congratulations to all the MIC Winners!

The Twelth Annual Sejong Music Competition was held on
Sunday, December 6, 2015 at the University of Illinois at Chicago
Performing Arts Center. This competition is open to all pre-college violin and piano students residing in the US regardless of ethnic background.

The goals of the Sejong Music Competition are to discover talented young musicians and encourage them in their studies, and to also introduce traditional Korean music expressed through Western media. Through this competition, The Sejong Cultural Society hopes to increase the awareness and understanding of Korea’s cultural heritage amongst the younger generations growing up in the United States so as to promote harmony among people of various ethnic backgrounds and bridge Asian and Western cultures.




1st Place:  John Schindler, 16, Academy student of Alan Chow



2nd Place:  Won Yang, 13, student of Elaine Felder

Honorable Mention:  Isabel Chen, 12, student of Inah Chiu



3rd Place:  Clara Zhang, 8, student of Soo Young Lee

1st Place:  Karisa Chiu, 16, Academy student of Almita Vamos (winner of "Best Interpretation of a Korean Piece")
2nd Place: Zachary Brandon, 17, Academy student of Almita Vamos and Hye-Sun Lee
3rd Place:  Lauren Conroy, 17, student of Hye-Sun Lee

Honorable Mention:  Ria Honda, 15, Academy student of Almita and Roland Vamos (tie)

Honorable Mention:  John Heo, 15, Academy student of Almita Vamos (tie)



Honorable Mention:  Linda Wang, 11, student of Hye-Sun Lee

1st Place:  Jasmine Horton, 7, student of Hye Sun Lee

2nd Place: Emily Chen, 6, student of Injoo Choi

Teacher Spotlight on Carrie Schrader, violin
Teacher Spotlight: Carrie Schrader, Suzuki violin

"The love and true passion that Suzuki instilled in each student is inspiring and each day I teach, I want to become the best version of myself to share the passion and love of music."