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2016 DePaul Concerto Festival for Young Performers

January 9-10, 2016


​The DePaul Concerto Festival for Young Performers was founded in 2003 to provide an opportunity for intermediate level pianists in the Community Music Division to perform with an orchestra. Repertoire was selected from sonatina movements and short piano pieces for which string accompaniments were available. Auditions were held and eight winners were selected to perform with the DePaul Youth String Orchestra.  In 2004, the Festival was expanded to include violin students and also offered a wider range of repertoire for pianists. In 2006, cello and flute were added to the roster of instruments. To accommodate the increasing difficulty of repertoire, a decision was made to conduct the Festival with a full symphony orchestra. A partnership was formed in 2007 with the Oistrakh Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Mina Zikri. That year, thirteen winners had the privilege of performing a concerto movement in concert.  In 2008, the Festival was opened to students outside of the Community Music Division. Viola was added in 2009, clarinet was added in 2012, and oboe and bassoon were added in 2013.


Sunday, February 14: Winners Concert with Oistrakh Symphony Orchestra

2016 Open Division Concerto Festival Results



Isabella Brown, 13, violin, Academy student of Almita and Roland Vamos

Ria Honda, 15, violin, Academy student of Almita and Roland Vamos



Lydia Rhea, 16, cello, Academy student of Hans Jorgen Jensen



Claire Arias-Kim, 14, violin, Academy student of Almita Vamos

Peter Morin, 16, viola, Academy student of Li-Kuo Chang

Abigail Park, 12, violin, MIC student of Hye-Sun Lee

Brendan Tarm, 16, cello, Academy student of Gilda Barston

Linda Wang, 11, violin, MIC student of Hye-Sun Lee

Annamarie Wellems, 16, cello, Academy student of Tanya Carey

The 2022 Impact Report is here!

Please enjoy learning more about our amazing students and faculty as well as last year's highlights. Thank you for your instrumental support in helping keep our MIC community strong >>