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Music Institute of Chicago at the Walgreens National Concerto Competition

December 29, 2016

The 20th annual Walgreen National Concerto Competition was hosted by Midwest Young Artists (MYA) on December 28 & 29, 2016 at the MYA Center at Fort Sheridan and at Bennett Gordon Hall at Ravinia.  Prizes for this solo competition included an opportunity to perform with the MYA Symphony Orchestra and on the prestigious From the Top  radio program. Walgreens Corporation’s annual sponsorship enabled MYA to provide students with distinguished judges, a digital recording of their performance, written performance evaluations, and an inviting and nurturing environment in which to participate. 


Congratulations to Music Institute of Chicago piano student George Dalianis, MYAC Division Overall Winner, and Academy violin student Karisa Chiu, Senior Open Division Overall Winner.  They will each perform with the MYAC Symphony Orchestra in February.


The Music Institute of Chicago would like to congratulate all the winners and acknowledge all the Music Institute students who participated in this competition.

Purple = Music Institute of Chicago Academy Student

Blue = Music Institute Community Music School Student


Overall Winner - performing with MYAC Symphony Orchestra on February 19, 2017
Karisa Chiu, 17, violin, student of Almita Vamos

String Division Honorable Mention
Nathan Mo, 18 cello, student of Hans Jorgen Jensen

 Julian Rhee, 16, violin student of Almita Vamos and Hye-Sune Lee

Brendan Tarm, 17, cello, student of Hans Jorgen Jensen



Junior Open Division Overall Winner

Yerin Yang, 13, piano, student of Alan Chow


Open String Division Winner

Claudia Yoon, 13, cello, student of David Cunliffe



Overall Winner - performing with MYAC Symphony Orchestsra on February 19, 2017

George Dalianis, 16, piano, student of Katherine K. Lee


Strings Division Honorable Mention

Aryn Harmon, 17, cello student of Blake Brasch

Ezra Escobar, 16, cello, student of Tanya Carey


Vocal Division Honorable Mention

Priya Krishnaswamy, 14, voice student of Dorothy Jean-Lloyd



Vocal Division Winner

Asher Ramaly, 13, voice student of Philip Kraus

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