Statement to the MIC Community

To the MIC community:


The Music Institute of Chicago believes that music is for everyone in our community. We are dedicated to the idea that music education can transform the lives of students and their families. The Music Institute of Chicago also stands within a long tradition in the humanities, one which considers both aesthetics and ethics in practicing our art.


Our nation has entered a period of profound uncertainty. In recent weeks we have heard rumors that federal support for the arts might be in jeopardy.  More importantly, we have also heard that some of our students and families may feel threatened in having to provide their personal information when registering for lessons and classes.  We are therefore compelled to reassure the members of our community of our support for them by affirming our existing policies:


The Music Institute of Chicago affirms its policy to provide Equal Employment Opportunity to people in all aspects of employer/employee relations without discrimination because of race, color, religious creed, gender, sexual orientation, parental status, national origin, citizenship, ancestry, marital status, military discharge status, source of income, housing status, age or disability.


The Music Institute of Chicago does not discriminate on the basis of national origin, immigration status, religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, ability status, veteran status, age, or any other characteristic protected by law in the areas of registration and admission.


The Music Institute of Chicago does not release any private student information without the explicit consent of the student or student’s family, or an appropriate court order or legal warrant, and will refuse participation in any voluntary act or program that would make such information available to government officials or others.


We are proud to stand with you as a community committed to the success and dignity of all its members.


Mark George
Music Institute of Chicago President and CEO