Staying in touch through music

April 18, 2020


During the COVID-19 pandemic many people are experiencing increased isolation. To combat this, MIC Academy cello student Jan Nedvetsky (student of Horacio Contreras) and MIC Academy alumna pianist Natalie Nedvetsky have organized music performances for their grandmother in San Diego.


Using the Zoom video conferencing platform they have performed for her and also organized musicians from all over the world to perform for her as well! Jan and Natalie's mother Yana commented on what the experience means to their grandmother: "It makes her life wonderful to have a few minutes of someone playing music for her. She is just fine with enjoying the music over the old fashioned phone, without being able to see. Her mind travels back to the time when she was young and going to the concerts in Russia. She also likes to imagines places where the young artist is at that moment, and she feels like a traveler. These interludes of music make her very happy."


Jan Nedvetsky: Sarabande from Bach Cello Suite in G Major >>


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