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Suzuki Sentinel ~ October 2017


October 2017 Newsletter


“May every child born on this earth develop into a decent and happy person, a human being with desirable abilities.” - Shinichi Suzuki

Greetings, Suzuki families! Welcome to MIC's Suzuki e-newsletter. Each month, we'll be sending you the latest news and information from MIC's Suzuki program. For more information about any of the items in this newsletter, please contact your private teacher. You may also contact Avi Friedlander, Director of the Barston Suzuki Center at afriedlander@musicinst.org or Sarah Montzka, Associate Director of the Barston Suzuki Center at smontzka@musicinst.org.


In this month's issue:

  • Teacher Spotlight: Melissa Arbetter
  • Suzuki Sunday
  • MIC student adventures at Summer Suzuki Institutes and Music Camps
  • MIC Suzuki student/faculty news
  • 2017-18 Suzuki Events Calendar


Teacher Spotlight: Melissa Arbetter

The following is an excerpt of an interview with Suzuki violin teacher Melissa Arbetter. To read the full interview on MIC’s website, please click here.


Melissa Arbetter joined MIC in 2008.


What led you to become a Suzuki teacher?

I had completed one small corner of the Suzuki Triangle by studying the Suzuki method as a child.  I participated in group settings and numerous performances and attended the American Suzuki Institute in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. However, my “ah ha” moment occurred when I was an undergraduate music major at Northwestern University.  I took a music education class and went on a field trip to observe a Suzuki group class. Upon returning to the classroom, I found myself passionately explaining the fundamental principles of the Suzuki Method to my classmates.  I realized I felt so deeply about the philosophy that I decided to study it from a pedagogical perspective.  Additionally, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Suzuki. That solidified my desire to become a Suzuki teacher.


Suzuki Sunday

Our next Suzuki Sunday of the year will take place on November 12 in the Thoresen Performance Center at the Winnetka campus. For more information, please contact your private teacher. Please note that due to the Suzuki Piano Workshop, there will be no piano jamboree in November.


1:00 Guitar jamboree

2:00 Cello/bass jamboree

3:15 Solo recital (by teacher recommendation)

4:00 Violin/viola/flute jamboree



MIC student adventures at Summer Suzuki Institutes and Music Camps

Summer Suzuki Institutes are a fun and inspiring experience for Suzuki families. Students have the chance not only to improve their skills but also to meet teachers and students from across the globe. Here are some of the MIC Suzuki students who attended Suzuki Institutes and music camps this summer:


Violin students of Karin Addis: Kay Richards, Chicago Suzuki Institute (CSI), Maya Williams, Blue Lake Suzuki Family Camp, CSI. Angelica Mora Akerele-Ale, MIC Chamber Music Camp, MIC Fiddling Camp, CSI.

Cello student of Elizabeth Anderson: Lillian Hunsader, CSI

Violin student of Erin Cano: Nathanael Wang, CSI

Cello student of Tanya Carey: Nishant Carr, CSI

Cello students of Avi Friedlander: Alejandra Abraham, Aglaia Smith, Simon Updegraff, CSI

Violin students of John Glew:  Avery Ja, Emory Ja, CSI

Piano students of Yumy Kim: Elise Ahn, Jayden Kim, Noah Kim, Alina Liu, CSI

Violin students of Ann Smelser: Jane Finlayson-Fife, CSI, the American Suzuki Institute in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Blue Lake in Michigan, and the White Mountain Suzuki Institute at Ogontz. Sydney Paunan, Meghan Stancliff, CSI

Violin students of Aki Tanaka: Lucas Lai, Sophia Mossman, Ingrid Updegraff, CSI

Piano students of Christina Tio: Audrey Chan, Matthew Hahn, Michael Hahn, Grace Mueller, Ethan Riddle, CSI. Sophia Martin, Colorado Suzuki Institute.

Cello student of Julia Wen: Miles Anderson, Vivian Hirschl, Arthur Riddle, CSI

Cello student of Sanghui Wimbiscus: Sara Kaplan


Nishant Carr (far right) with his classmates and cello instructor Pam Devenport (second from left) at the Chicago Suzuki Institute.