Suzuki Violin Workshop - Class Descriptions & Repertoire


Suzuki Violin Workshop


Suzuki Violin Workshop
Saturday & Sunday, January 26 - 27, 2019
Evanston East Campus
1490 Chicago Avenue, Evanston

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Master class: Students have the special opportunity to take a master class with one of our guest clinicians! This is an amazing opportunity to learn from a master teacher. Students are grouped into small learning teams (3 or 4 children) and each student receives a short lesson on a polished piece. Classes last 50 minutes.
Dr. Suzuki felt that we learn just as much from observing others as we do in our own lessons. With this in mind, please plan to stay for the duration of the class. The extra fee for the master class is $35. 


Violin Ensemble: Students In Books 5 and up may be assigned to Violin Ensemble. They will learn about working with a conductor and in a large ensemble with their peers, and will apply these skills in preparing a special composition written by clinician, Jeremy Cohen.


Improvisation:  For students Books 3 and above.  


Technique: In this class, teachers use the common Suzuki repertoire to help students to work on developing new techniques and polishing existing technique. Students will be assigned to classes by Suzuki book level. Technique classes include activities that make working on musical technique fun and memorable! 


Repertoire: In a Repertoire class, teachers focus on review of and refinement of existing Suzuki repertoire. It is important that students come to workshop with their review list prepared so that they will be able to participate fully and confidently in this class! Performance will reach new levels of sophistication and students will come away from this class more confident and polished players.




Book 1


Book 2
Hunter’s Chorus
Lully Gavotte
Witches’ Dance


Book 3
Gavotte in G minor
Gavotte in D Major
Martini Gavotte


Book 4
Seitz 5,1
Vivaldi 3,3
Bach Double


Book 5
Veracini Gigue
G minor, 3rd movement


Book 6
Fiocco Allegro
Handel FM, 1st movement


Book 7
Mozart Minuet


Book 8
Eccles, Sonata in G minor

Supplemental (Book 5+)
Tango Eight for Two Violins by Jeremy Cohen (see attachment below)