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Teacher Spotlight: Everardo Sanchez, cello


Teacher SpotlightEverardo Sanchez, cello


Interview by Erin Cano, violin


Everardo joined MIC in the fall of 2021 as a Suzuki cello teacher


What led you to become a Suzuki teacher?

I was always interested in teaching and how we transmit ideas of music to audiences and our students. I really became interested when I met Dr. Tanya Carey and I saw her teach. It was amazing to see her guide young artists the way that she did so I began studying with her and doing my teacher training with her.


Which of your teachers inspired you the most? What aspects of their teaching have you integrated into your own style?

Dr. Tanya Carey was definitely a person I looked up to. I also really loved being coached in chamber music by MingHuan Xu, Adam Nieman, and Toby Appel. They really guided my ear to a new understanding of music and how we should really listen to everything around us.


What is your favorite Suzuki piece to teach?

I love to teach Book 2. Specifically, I love to teach the Gossec Gavotte and the Handel Bourree.


What’s on your listening list right now?

I am listening to A LOT of Schumann and Schubert. I think listening to their song cycles really can guide the ear to a singing type of style of playing. The renowned violinist Pam Frank always says “Music is ALWAYS either singing or dancing.” and I really think that our instruments are an extension of our body. Therefore we should be able to sing through them.


Do you have any upcoming projects, performances, etc. about which you would like to share some information?

I currently co-run Pilsen Classical with violinist Alejandra Switala, and another multi-medium artist, Amelia De Rudder. It is a chamber project that we started 1 year ago in the midst of the pandemic. We both have a lot of love for chamber music and we really wanted to start a chamber music series that breaks the boundaries of what we now know of as classical music. We try to have two events each month. It’s really a collective of artists from all mediums coming together to support one another and encourage creativity in a familial way.

I also just started my master’s degree at DePaul so I will be graduating in June of 2023! So I’m very excited about what these two years have in store for me.

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