Organ Summer Classes

The summer is a great time to try something new!  The Music Institute of Chicago has a wide range of summer classes for youth and adults.  Whether you are interested in trying a new instrument, or adding new skills, summer classes are a great way to make music and friends.


Six Week Summer Session

Begins: Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Ends:  Monday, July 27, 2020

Internship in Pipe Organ Building, Maintenance & Restoration (ages 18 & up)

Portions of the internship training may be taken online until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted


$265 for 15 days or $530 for 30 days

The Music Institute of Chicago presents the opportunity to get hands-on experience in organ building and restoration with a summer internship presented by Jeff Weiler, organ curator to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and restorer of the Nichols Concert Hall Skinner organ. Although knowledge of the keyboard is not mandatory, organists can become better players by learning the instrument from the inside out. Interns will gain a basic knowledge of organ components and their function, shop skills, and cleaning and restoration techniques. The ability to do careful handwork and some preliminary knowledge of common tools is required. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who loves the pipe organ and would like to play a part in the instrument's future. This internship will take place on-site at various local organ installations and at Weiler's shop in the South Loop. Contact Guinevere Grimstad  at 847.905.1500, ext. 133