MIC COVID-19 Information & Updates


Last Update April 7, 2021

Dear members of the MIC community,

The Music Institute of Chicago (MIC) is closely watching local and regional metrics pertaning COVID-19. As positivity rates plateau and vaccination rates increase, campuses in Downers Grove, Evanston, Lake Forest, and Winnetka are actively expanding opportunities for in-person teaching. We are awaiting word on the status of the resumption of in-person teaching at St. James Cathedral and Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago. As in-person teaching capacity increases, COVID protocols of screening, masking, distancing will be maintained. All activities will be in accordance with the latest guidelines and updates from the CDC and the llinois Department of Public Health.

New and returning students may choose to study 100% remotely, a combination of remote and in-person lessons, or in-person lessons. If you are studying even partially online, be sure to use Zoom videoconferencing best practices.

The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff remain our top priority. MIC has continued to adapt its facilities to accommodate in-person learning while abiding by state health and safety guidelines. Visit our FAQ page to review our policies and procedures regarding COVID-19.

Nichols Concert Hall resumed bookings for individual recordings in December with a number of important policies implemented to ensure the safety of all involved. 

As COVID continues its impact, I urge you to be safe. I also encourage you to make as much music as possible. The simple act of making music will provide continuity and a well-deserved sense of accomplishment as you spread joy and bring comfort to the lives around you.


We look forward to seeing all of you either in person or virtually throughout the coming weeks. May your families be safe and secure as we eagerly anticipate a time when COVID-19 will be merely an historic event.

As always, I wish you good health and promise to keep you informed. Thank you for choosing the Music Institute of Chicago.


Mark George
President and CEO