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The mission of the Chicago Duo Piano Festival (CDPF) is to foster the performance and teaching of music for piano duo, and to offer an opportunity for young pianists to participate and perform their pieces in a supportive atmosphere at the Music Institute of Chicago's beautiful and historic Nichols Concert Hall.  The CDPF offers period competitions at national and international levels.

2017 Chicago National Youth Competition for Piano Duos

Junior Division:
1st prize: Frank Gao and Haoming Song
2nd Prize: Noah Kim and Jayden Kim
3rd prize: Kristen and Karen Cai
Honorable mention: Lily Shen and Song Kim
Honorable mention: Peter Zhang and Patrick Li

Senior Division:
1st prize: Lauren Kim and Colin Song
2nd prize: Jisu and Won Yang
3rd Prize: Joshua Mhoon and Jeremy Nohel

2016 International Competition for Piano Duos

June 11, 2016 - Announcement of Winners:
Duo Amadeae (USA) - 1st Prize $10,000 and the Director's Award
Yordanova and Kyurkchiev (Bulgaria) - 2nd Prize $5,000
Klimova and Maholetti (Slovenia and Russia) - 3rd Prize $2,500
Kim and Lee (South Korea) - Honorable Mention $500
Ping and Ting (Hong Kong) - Honorable Mention $500

June 10, 2016 - Announcement of Finalists:
Kim and Lee (South Korea)
Duo Amadeae (USA)
Yordanova and Kyurkchiev (Bulgaria)
Ping and Ting (Hong Kong)
Klimova and Maholetti (Slovenia and Russia)

2015 Competition for Young Piano Duos

High School Division
Joshua and Jonah White: 1st prize- $800
Madelyn Stephenson and Andrew Feng: 2nd prize - $600
Brianna Chou and Sophia Feinerman: 3rd Prize - $400
Claudia Li and Katherine Mao: Honorable mention

Elementary School Division
Kimberly Han and Alice Zhang: 1st prize - $500
Lauren Kim and Colin Song: 2nd prize - $300
Leila and Lorenzo Jennings: 3rd prize, $200
Iris and Azalea Ely: Honorable mention