Financial Aid


In order to fufill our commitment to serving a diverse community of learners, the Music Institute of Chicago, including the Institute for Therapy through the Arts, subsidizes tuition for students and clients whose financial resources are limited.  Need-based financial aid awards are determined using a sliding scale based on proof of need provided by the applicant. All who qualify are expected to pay the remaining portion of their tuition prior to the first lesson.


Please complete the 2016-17 Online Financial Aid Application.  You will need to submit a copy of your 2015 Federal Tax Return, so please be prepared to upload an electronic copy if possible.  Anyone who is unable to upload their 2014 Tax Return must submit a signed copy to the campus where they are applying immediately following the online submisison before the school will review your application. Awards will be made within two weeks of receipt of a complete application. We recommend you apply for need-based aid before or at the same time you register for the fall semester, as resources are limited and early applicants will be given priority.


Priority Deadline for 2016-17 Academic Year:  June 1

Students may apply for financial aid throughout the year on a rolling basis; however, awards may be limited due to demand and budget constraints.


Application Process

  • The qualification criteria for need-based financial aid relate solely to financial need, not to ability or talent.

   A separate and distinct Merit Scholarship Program offers assistance
  to students who demonstrate extraordinary musical ability. Auditions are held
  in May for the following school year

  • Applications for financial aid are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year; however, the priority deadline for the 2016-17 academic year is June 1, 2016
  • Those who wish to apply for financial aid must submit an Online Financial Aid Application and a signed copy of your latest federal tax return or other proof of income. There is no fee charged when applying for financial aid.  
  • Those who have submitted complete applications with all the required documentation will be notified as soon as a determination has been made. 
  • All who qualify are expected to pay the remaining portion of their tuition prior to the first lesson or to submit an online request for an installment plan well in advance of the first lesson.
  • Financial aid applications are valid for the duration of the academic school year. If a student cancels or does not begin instruction, financial aid is forfeited and the student must re-apply.

Factors for Determining Awards

  •  Family income demonstrated by most recent tax return, paycheck stub, or other proof of income
  • Number of people in the applicant's household
  • Special circumstances such as illness, loss of job, pending divorce, business loss, etc.

Information Regarding Awards


  • Awards are applied to private instruction only.
  • Standard lesson lengths at the Music Institute are 30, 45 or 60 minutes.
  • Additional aid for increases in lesson length will be reviewed following approval by the private instructor.
  • Awards for new students are granted at 50% of the student’s eligibility for their first year at MIC.
  • Aid is not awarded for secondary instruments, additional weekly lessons on the primary instrument or supporting classes.
  • The maximum amount of aid a family may receive for the academic year is $4,000.


Expectations of Financial Aid Recipients

  • Regular attendance at lessons. After three unexcused absences, financial aid may be rescinded and will not be renewed for the following semester.
  • Commitment to musical studies as demonstrated by the following: evidence of consistent practice, bringing music to all lessons, participation in recitals, and cooperation with the instructor.
  • Timely payment of tuition. The balance due after financial aid has been applied is the recipient’s responsibility to pay prior to the first lesson or in accordance with the installment plan.
  • Participation in performances at fund-raising, outreach, or special events, if requested by the Music Institute.
  • Involvement in volunteer activities for the Music Institute of Chicago.


Fulfillment of these expectations will be tracked and failure to meet any of these expectations may result in current and/or future aid being rescinded.