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Find your place for you at the Music Institute of Chicago!

Well-designed programs and high-quality teaching at the Music Institute of Chicago help every student acquire the creative, social, cultural, and brain-building benefits of playing an instrument.

Start private lessons anytime; rolling registration is always available. The MIC academic year includes two 17-week semesters, fall and spring, and a flexible summer session. Private instruction is available for all ages and levels of interest and ability.

The Cornerstone of a Quality Music Education

  • Accepting beginning, casual, and advanced students - all ages, all levels
  • Rolling registration all year
  • Two 17-week semesters, fall and spring, and a flexible summer session

Why Choose the Music institute of chicago?

  • The Music Institute has the best-trained, most-experienced music teachers in the Chicago area.
  • The Music Institute's careful, personalized teacher placement process with an expert music educator ensures the best student-teacher match.
  • MIC students join a supportive musical community of fellow parents, students, and concertgoers.
  • Every student can perform at Nichols Concert Hall, as well as participate in family concert events and community service performances. In addition, MIC offers live streaming service for many student recitals at Nichols Concert Hall
  • Students can take advantage of master class opportunities and visits from guest artists and educators
  • Students enjoy free admission to a variety of world-class events each year at Nichols Concert Hall

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Great Music Teachers Make a Difference

The breadth and depth of our music faculty is unparalleled.  Nearly 200 in number, Music Institute of Chicago music teachers are experienced, dedicated educators and performers who hold degrees from the world’s finest music schools. The Music Institute faculty is among the best-trained and most experienced in the Chicago area.

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MIC Faculty on stage at Nichols Concert Hall

Discounted Musicianship Classes for MIC Students

Nichols Concert Hall presents pianist Matthew Hagle

Matthew Hagle, Director of Musicianship Program


What Is Musicianship?
Musicianship is an important component of a well-rounded music education. Weekly musicianship classes include sight singing, rhythmic reading, dictation, keyboard skills, music theory, history, and literature.

  • Achieve greater competency and enjoyment at your instrument
  • Increase your ability to think critically and express musical ideas effectively
  • Share your love of music with fellow students

At MIC, we strongly advocate for our private instruction students of all ages to enhance their learning journey by enrolling in a musicianship class of the appropriate level. As a testament to our commitment, we offer a significant discount on this value-added experience.

Are Musicianship Classes for Everyone?

  • The musicianship program is designed for students aged 5 - adult
  • Private instruction students under 5 may enroll in a Musikgarten class instead of musicianship for only the cost of materials.
  • We understand that adult students have unique learning needs and interests. That's why we offer specially designed adult musicianship classes tailored to their musical journeys.

Enrollment in musicianship classes occurs once annually on a first-come, first-served basis, and registration is required. 
Please contact your instructor or Campus Director for placement guidance.