A Note to Prospective Students


Dear prospective students,


Thank you for your interest in the Academy at the Music Institute of Chicago. Ten years ago, the program has quickly established itself as one of this country’s top centers for highly gifted pre-college musicians.  Under the leadership of President Dr. Mark George, the Academy has dedicated itself to being a training center for students with extraordinary talent.  The program is for students who will  pursue conservatory training, and a professional career in music.


The Academy is a wonderful way to introduce students to a broad music community of teaching styles, peer musicians who share the same passion, conservatory faculty, and renown artists, musicians and pedagogues. Faculty, staff and students come together each Saturday for 30 weeks, from 8am - 6:30pm, for a comprehensive day of music learning that includes private lessons, chamber music, orchestra, music theory, master classes, and for the piano student, piano skills and improvisation classes. The beautiful Ravinia Festival is the perfect location for music instruction.


Auditions occur annually in April and August (or by special appointment) .


Students and parents are encouraged to contact me to schedule an audition, or to learn more about the program expectations and curriculum. I am happy to answer questions about the audition process, scholarships, and relocation, or put you in touch with our faculty regarding audition repertoire.  In addition, if you would like to arrange a visit to the Academy, I can schedule a time for you to meet our faculty and staff, observe orchestra, chamber music, and a variety of other classes.


Please review detailed information here:



I look forward to talking to you, and discussing the program in greater detail.


Many thanks!


Sue Polutnik


Sue Polutnik

Vice President of Administration 

Executive Director, The Academy

Office of the President

1702 Sherman Avenue

Evanston, IL   60201