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MIC makes NEWCITY Music 45 2023 List

The Educators and Supporters

Dr. Mark George and Sue Polutnik/Photo: Sandy Morris | Sally Blood Photo

NEWCITY Music released their annual series "Music 45 2023: Who Keeps Chicago In Tune."

The series highlights the vibrant and diverse music culture in Chicago, emphasizing its continuous growth and variety. NEWCITY Music acknowledges the support systems in place, such as record labels, managers, recording engineers, schools, and media. President Dr. Mark George and Vice President Sue Polutnik were recognized in NEWCITY's "Music 45 2023:The Educators and Supporters" which highlights key individuals in Chicago who play significant roles in supporting and advancing the music scene. It is part of a series that categorizes individuals into different roles within the music community:

“Teaching music is what we do, and what we’re good at,” says Mark George, president and CEO of the Music Institute of Chicago (MIC). Adds Sue Polutnik, vice president and COO, “I particularly love the chamber music. I love to see the chemistry on the stage.” The joy and collaborative chemistry the duo share is palpable, as is their commitment to the more than 1,500 students they serve of all ages, from tots to centenarians (even including a 103-year-old)—across seven area locations. Piano is the most popular instrument of study, but MIC offers lessons, and ensemble and performance experiences on forty different instruments across musical styles. According to George, the collective talent and dedication of faculty is its greatest asset, alongside the 550-seat jewel box Nichols Concert Hall in Evanston. (Sara Stern)

Dr. Mark George

Chamber Music Faculty (Academy)
President and CEO

Sue Polutnik

MIC COO and Academy Executive Director
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer