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New book by Dr. Nina Kraus: Of Sound Mind

New book by Dr. Nina Kraus: Of Sound Mind
Dr. Nina Kraus, MIC ex-officio trustee recently published a fascinating new book Of Sound Mind: How Our Brain Constructs a Meaningful Sonic World.
Dr. Kraus recalls that her earliest memories are rooted in sound, having grown up in a multilingual, musical household. The recognition of the power of sound as a means of communication, a vector of learning, and as a source of joy led her to a career studying the biology of sound, and in particular its role in communication.
In a 2017 interview with MIC Dr. Kraus talked about music's important saying that music instruction, "not only improves communication skills and creates a brain and nervous system that is more attuned to sound, which is important for both music and language, music can fundamentally alter the nervous system to create better learners."
Dr. Kraus is a scientist, inventor, and amateur musician who studies the biology of auditory learning. She is Professor of Neurobiology, Otolaryngology and Hugh Knowles Chair at Northwestern University where she runs Brainvolts, their Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory.
Enjoy a great interview she did recently with NPR' s "All Things Considered."