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One Composer, One Community: A Weekend of Inspiration with Reena Esmail

Reena Esmail Workshop

This past weekend, our "One Composer, One Community" initiative culminated in an amazing and inspiring experience for all involved. Composer Reena Esmail joined us for a weekend of activity, fostering a unique connection between students, faculty, and a living composer.

Reena Esmail Welcome Reception

The weekend kicked off with a warm reception for Reena on Friday evening where she connected with faculty. Saturday was dedicated to in-depth workshops, where Reena generously shared her creative process, artistic journey, and the fusion of Western and Hindustani classical music that defines her work. Students gained valuable insights into vocal and instrumental techniques specific to the Hindustani tradition. Reena also guided them in shaping the phrasing and structure of her music, and introduced the Academy orchestra to the world of the tabla. Most importantly, Reena fostered a space of open dialogue, genuinely inquiring about the students' and faculty's experiences with her music.

Reena Esmail Workshop

The culmination of the weekend was a joyous faculty and student showcase concert on Saturday evening. Featuring ten works, the concert showed a remarkable range of performers – from young music school students to seasoned adult learners, faculty members, and even three Department Chairs. The program included a world premiere of a new piece composed by Reena specifically for our "One Composer, One Community" initiative

Reena Esmail Faculty and Student Showcase

This weekend was a truly special event, offering an opportunity for our community to learn from and connect with a living composer.  The experience will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on all who participated. We extend our deepest gratitude to Reena Esmail for her generosity, artistry, and passion throughout this inspiring weekend. We also thank all the faculty, staff, donors, and students who made this event possible. Their dedication and enthusiasm were instrumental in creating a truly enriching experience for everyone involved.

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MIC gratefully recognizes the work of the MIC Diversity and Inclusion Working Group and donors to the Barbara and Peter Sereda One Composer One Community Matching Gift Challenge, including Jennifer and Robin Bienemann, Erin N. Fusco, Hans and Denitta Germann, Renee Hoff, Tami A. Lucas, Barbara and Peter Sereda, Zalman and Karen Usiskin.

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