Noralyn Baroja

Musikgarten Instructor
Musikgarten Faculty
Program Area: 
With Music Institute of Chicago since: 

Noralyn was an MA candidate from Northeastern Illinois University, and also attained a BA Music Education from St. Paul College of Manila, Philippines. She also received her Kodaly certification from Manila, Philippines and Kecskemet, Hungary.

Teaching philosophy and areas of expertise: 

Noralyn's teaching philosophy is focused on her belief that a child is always capable of reaching his/her greatest potential in music, as long as you encourage self-expression, and nurture creativity in him/her. She believes that if every music lesson is enjoyable, meaningful, and fun for the student, than they will be more likely to remember the musical experience that they have had.

Her areas of expertise include: teaching with an emphasis in Kodaly, Orff, and Dalroze methods.

Awards and achievements: 

Among all of her awards and achievements throughout the years, one of Ms. Baroja's biggest accomplishments was being the recipient of the Rev. Martin Lee Leadership Award. She is also a certified Orff instructor, recorder instructor, and music educator for over 15 years. Ms. Baroja is the church music youth director at Edison Park United Methodist Church, in addition to being the church pianist and organist at Evangelical Church, Philippines. She also directed children's holiday musicals and plays in churches and schools.

Professional affiliations & activities: 

Other professional affiliations include ECMMA  (Early Childhood Music and Movement Association).

Interests outside of music: 

When she's not working with music, Noralyn loves to lead her church's youth group in performing juggling, acrobatic skills, dancing cultural dances, playing instruments, and singing in the community. They love to perform in nursing homes, youth gatherings, and festivals. Additionally, she enjoys playing WII at home with her kids.

Favorite quote: 

" Being music literate is not how well you play an instrument or how well you sing. It is being able to put meaning in every music that you make."

Favorite composer or piece to play: 

Bach and Mozart