Recording at Nichols Concert Hall

Last updated 12.4.2021

Nichols Concert Hall resumed bookings for individual recordings starting on December 11, 2020. Due to the pandemic, a number of important policies have been implemented to ensure the safety of all involved.

Until further notice, MIC will not be scheduling any recordings for woodwind/brass instruments or voice.

Individuals traveling from out of state will be subject to state regulations regarding quarantine and/or COVID testing.


COVID-19 Nichols Concert Hall Recording Policies and Protocols

Review this information carefully before making your request.


  • Warm-up rooms on the lower level will not be made available prior to the recording. Students may choose to arrive half an hour before their scheduled time (by appointment only) to warm-up in the hall. The fee for the additional half an hour is $25.

  • Access to the hall will be through the Grove Street entrance exclusively. Only the student, engineer, coach, and accompanist will be allowed to enter. Parents should plan to drop off and pick up their children curbside at the same (Grove Street) entrance.

  • Upon arrival, please ring the doorbell and wait for an MIC staff member to meet you outside. The staff member will provide hand sanitizer, take your temperature by infrared thermometer (non-contact) and ask a series of questions. These steps are mandatory and must be followed. Once approved, the staff member will open the door for you. When you enter the building, please proceed to the left, up the stairs, through the lobby, and into the concert hall.

  • To minimize contact with surfaces, instrument cases and all belongings should only be placed on the very front middle pew. Cellists should leave their instrument cases at the back of the hall, close to the elevator.

  • Facial masks are mandatory at all times. Specially, mask are required upon arrival and throughout your scheduled visit, including the recording session itself. Social distancing of at least 6 feet must always be observed.

  • The backstage area, including the green room will not be available due to cleaning concerns. Restrooms are available/located on the lower level.

Recording Fees

Currently registered MIC students and alumni:

  • $75/hour (maximum 3 hours) plus a cleaning surcharge fee of $50 (per session).

The following additional fees may also apply:

  • $50 piano fee (per piano);
  • $25 warm-up fee (restricted to half an hour before the recording—by appointment only).

All other recordings:

  • $100/hour plus a cleaning surcharge fee of $50.

The following additional fee may also apply:

  • $150 piano usage fee (per piano).

Nichols Concert Hall Recording Requests

Complete the form below to make your Nichols Concert Hall recording request. Your request is not considered confirmed until written notification from the Director of Performance Activities is received. Payment is due prior to the recording and can be made by credit card (online), or by check (at the recording session).

Submit your recording request now: