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Music Institute Violin Faculty member, William Kronenberg
Violin Faculty (Suzuki)
At MIC for 5 years 9 months

Private Instruction
Group Classes
Suzuki Education

Available For

MA - Violin Performance - Western Illinois University
BS - Music Education - University of Illinois 
BA - Philosophy - University of Illinois

Additional Studies / Recent Awards / Recordings

Significant teachers and mentors: 
Julian Aaron, Homer Schmidt, Almita Vamos, John Kendall

Awards and achievements: 
Guest clinician as improvisation teacher and conductor at many Suzuki institutes and orchestra camps throughout the country.

Basic Teaching Philosophy or Special Music Interests/Specialties

Teaching philosophy and areas of expertise: 
Teach the child, not the instrument.

Suzuki violin repertoire
Introducing improvisation to string players
String orchestra conducting

Professional Affiliations & Activities

Suzuki Association of the Americas
New Philharmonic Orchestra

Interests outside of music: 
Hiking, photography, golf

Favorite quotes: 
William Starr defining the Suzuki Method -
“High standards in a pleasant environment.”

George Shearing on the role of a musician in society -
“To add to the amount of beauty in the world.”

Favorite practice tip: 
Having started Irish fiddle lessons, myself, this summer I realize the most basic tips are the most valuable - slow practice, small section practice, and listening.

Favorite composer or piece to play: 
O’Carolan - Shebeg Shemor

Favorite musical moment: 
This was a four-hour moment last year. My orchestra accompanied all 5 Beethoven piano concertos in one concert. Although at first skeptical about the programming, I, and the audience, felt completely engaged by experiencing the development of the composer and witnessing the Herculean efforts of the soloist.

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Faculty Spotlight
"This was a world of music and education with which I was unfamiliar. Since then, I've never looked back."