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Music Institute Winnetka Campus Director and Music Production Faculty member, Clem Leek
Campus Director, Winnetka
Music Production Faculty
At MIC for 6 years 10 months

Private Instruction
Roots & Rock
Group Lessons
Music Production

Available For

Masters of Music Composition, Bath Spa University, UK
Bachelor of Arts - Creative Arts (Music & Drama), Bath Spa University, UK

Additional Studies / Recent Awards / Recordings

Significant teachers and mentors: 
James Saunders, Amanda England & all my collaborators

Basic Teaching Philosophy or Special Music Interests/Specialties

Clem's expertise mostly lies in composing experimental & computer music, having worked for a number of years producing commercial and independent releases.

Other experience includes score editing for Andy Keenan Ltd (for composers such as Michael Nyman & Jocelyn Pook) and playing shows in a variety of countries.

Clem's musical style straddles a number of genres, moving from classical to electronic and ambient styles.

Interests outside of music: 
Architecture, design, sports & travelling

Favorite quote: 
'Less is more'

Favorite practice tip: 
Don't give up!

Favorite composer or piece to play: 
Favourite composers include Max Richter, Phillip Glass, Steve Reich & countless others.