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Piano Faculty

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Master’s in Piano Performance, Roosevelt University Chicago College of Performing Arts
Bachelor’s in Music Performance, Tokyo College of Music

Additional Studies / Recent Awards / Recordings

Akira Ifukube, Works for piano vol. 1~3, 2008/2010/2013
The 100th Anniversary of Ifukube's bird memorial concert, 2015

The 10th Anniversary of Ifukube's death memorial concert, 2016

Akira Ifukube's four concerto, 2016

Akira Ifukube, Gilyak Songs, 2018

Akira Ifukube, Ritmica Ostinata, 2021

Basic Teaching Philosophy or Special Music Interests/Specialties

My repertoire is wide and ranges from Baroque music to contemporary since I've studied not only piano but also harpsichord and organ. I regularly play those instruments including celesta with an orchestra. I studied the technique of relaxed arms and hands from a teacher who graduated at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. I also assisted her teaching for five years. I studied with Mrs. Suer at Civic Orchestra of Chicago and DePaul University for orchestral repertoire.

Professional Affiliations & Activities

Professional affiliations/activities
Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra: principal keyboardist
Edition KAWAI, Concert Piano Library "Rhythmic Games for Children"
by Akira Ifukube, 2016: in charge of fingering and pedaling, assisted editing

Interests/hobbies outside of music
Most memorable musical moment?
What do you love about playing your instrument?

Hobbies/interests outside of music:
Walking in Woods / Is art of drawing one's sword

Why study music?
Learning music (piano/instruments) is the great way to be a better human. It provides so many skills and wisdom to develop oneself. [Ex: How to read out the music from score = Perception, organization, detail, accuracy; how to relax the body and mind to make beautiful sounds = alignment, liberalization, expression, affection]

What music means to you:
I love to share my experience with students for their healthy development.