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Celebrating our Graduating Seniors

May 6, 2018


Music Institute of Chicago graduating seniors gathered for a final recital on Sunday, May 6 at Nichols Concerts Hall in downtown Evanston.  Members of both the Community Music School and Academy performed works by Liszt, Chopin, and Mozart as well as Leonard Bernstein, Alicia Keys and more!


President Mark George addressed the students with the following remarks.


"Congratulations for those beautiful performances. Congratulations also on all the impressive directions you are headed as you step into adulthood. You are now alumni of the Music Institute of Chicago.  You are always welcome at this institution, on this stage. I believe that only one of today’s performers is going on to major in music. In fact, 99% of our students do not major in music. And this is perfect because the world needs all kinds of extraordinary people doing all kinds of extraordinary things. But I guarantee you that you will always have music in your lives. Whether or not you continue to practice and play, your training will stick with you. With only three or four years of training the benefit stays right here (points to head) forever. We are happy to have played a role in bolstering your brain (your corpus callosum is undoubtedly larger); in teaching you to be a sensitive listener; in helping you develop a strong work ethic; in leading to understand and appreciate art, and in encouraging you to create beauty. The way I see it, if we continue to send fifty or sixty of you into the world each year, that world is more likely to be a much better place."


2018 Music Institute of Chicago Graduates

Student  Name Instrument Teacher Planning to Attend
Maya Anjali Buchanan Violin Almita Vamos Curtis Institute of Music
Joshua Brown Violin Almita Vamos New England Conservatory 
Mallen Clifton Violin Lora Zhizhin University of California, Berkeley
Alexa Dolinko Violin Vannia Phillips Grinnell College
Andrew Feng Violin Sang Mee Lee University of Illinois, Champaign
Ria Honda Violin Almita Vamos Columbia University/Juilliard
Hyohee Kim Violin Vannia Phillips Northwestern University
Steve Kim Violin Vannia Phillips Case Western University
Julian Rhee Violin Almita Vamos New England Conservatory
Aidan Shea Violin Sang mee Lee Boston College
Antonia Tapias Violin Erin Cano Elmhurst College
Thompson Wang Violin Almita Vamos New England Conservatory 
SeoYeon Park Viola Brigitte Gray Northwestern University
Ernesto Banuelos Cello Horacio Contreras Lawrence University
Ezra Escobar Cello Tanya Carey Mannes School of Music
Jessica Hudson Cello Horacio Contreras DePaul University
Lydia Rhea Cello Hans Jørgen Jensen Cleveland Institute of Music
Carson Stout Cello Tanya Carey unknown
Ethan Bowers Oboe Erica Anderson Marquette University
Gwendolyn Goodman Oboe Erica Anderson Eastman School of Music
Kristina Hawkinson Oboe Erica Anderson Indiana University, Jacobs School of Music
Lauren Perl Oboe Erica Anderson Washington University-St Louis
Kaitlyn Schneider Oboe Erica Anderson Ithaca College
Leila Sinclair Oboe Erica Anderson Reed College
Clara Stein Oboe Erica Anderson Colorado College
Lily Carley Flute Meret Bitticks University of Pittsburgh
Nicole Daniels Flute Meret Bitticks Kenyon College
Matthew Mar Clarinet Barbara Drapcho UCLA
Kelly Paquin Clarinet David Fivecoate Ohio State University
Andrew Rejebian Clarinet Barbara Drapcho St. Olaf College
William Dube Trumpet Bill Baxtresser Unknown
Adam Marquardt Trumpet Chris Hasselbring Macalester College
Mason Schilling Guitar Brad Conroy Duke University
Seoyun Baek Piano Alan Chow Eastman School of Music
Harper Bischoff Piano Jay Kolin St Olaf College
Zachary Chin Piano Matthew Hagle Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Brianna Chou Piano Claire Neiweem University of Chicago
Will Davies Piano Jay Kolin Northwestern University
Sophia Feinerman Piano Claire Neiweem Bowdoin College
Andrew Feng Piano Ralph Neiweem University of Illinois, Champaign
Alec Glazier Piano Jai-Yee Tang University of Rochester
Elise Hall Piano Frank Winkler Villanova University
Elmira Hezarkhani Piano Jai-Yee Tang Duke University
Maya Sanghvi Piano Katherine K. Lee Yale University
Omar Shaikh Piano Daniel Baer Unknown
Matthew Singh Piano Mary Drews Canada
Isaac Slomski-Pritz Piano Milana Pavchinskaya Oberlin College
Jisu Yang Piano Elain Felder Emory University
Emma Reder Jazz Piano Eric Sutz Unknow 
Isabelle Andress Voice Dorothy Jean Lloyd Belmont University
Grace Duggan Voice Dorothy Jean Lloyd Washington University-St Louis
Lillian Gould Voice Dorothy Jean Lloyd Texas Christian University
Samara Kohn Voice Mary Ann Grannemann Vanderbilt University
Haley Meyer Voice Dorothy Jean Lloyd Berklee School of Music
Teacher Spotlight on Daniel Hoppe, cello
Teacher Spotlight on Daniel Hoppe, cello

"I love witnessing teachers and students supporting each other’s growth."