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Music Institute Percussion Faculty, Darren Scorza
Percussion Faculty
At MIC for 8 months 2 weeks

Private Instruction
Jazz Combo

Available For

BM in Performance, Eastern Illinois University

Additional Studies / Recent Awards / Recordings

Recent recordings 
Michele Thomas - The Assumption
Metropolitan Jazz Octet  -The Road To Your Place
Jeannie Tanner - Words & Music, Joyful Season

Basic Teaching Philosophy or Special Music Interests/Specialties

Formalized Drumset instruction is still relatively young in regards to pedagogy. My approach is to combine elements of academic methods from  “classical” percussion study, tried and true drumset methods, and more modern resources such as play along tracks, “drum-removal” apps and YouTube to impart less codified techniques to growing drumset students. 

What do you love about playing your instrument?

I'm performing and teaching music every day. I love the varied personal interactions I experience in these situations. Some days I'm dealing with theater and classical musicians. The next I'm playing original jazz music with friends. I may be teaching beginners on Wednesday and experienced Jazz majors on Thursdays. 

Of course the music is of upmost in importance, but the interpersonal interaction is equally valued. I relish discussing music dreams, concepts, or just "hangin'" after a gig talking about whatever comes to mind. 

Everyone involved in music has a story. I love that my musical career finds me experiencing all these fascinating stories.