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Voice and Songwriting Faculty
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Dr Harvey Ringle/Roosevelt Univ. Chicago, IL Douglas SuSu Mago/Evanston, IL

Additional Studies / Recent Awards / Recordings

Megon McDonough Discography * Indicates original compositions + Indicates covers/other composers (1968) Don’t Jump To Conclusions / Blue Eyed Soul ~ Mercury Records (From 1972 – 1974) *Megan Music ~ Wooden Nickel Records/RCA *In The Megan Manner ~ Wooden Nickel Records/RCA *Keepsake ~ Wooden Nickel Records/RCA *Sketches ~ Wooden Nickel Records/RCA *+If I Could Only Reach You ~ North Star Records 1979 *Day by Day/Minute by Minute ~ Sirius Records 1988 *+American Girl ~ Sirius Records 1989 *+Blue Star Highway ~ Sirius Records 1993 4+1 Music Inspired by The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz ~ 1995 +My One And Only Love ~ 1998 +The Patsy Project ~ 1998 *+Spirits in the Material World ~ 2008 *+Breathe ~ In Tune Presentations 2011 *+Burnin’ Karma ~ 2016 CD’s with The Four Bitchin’ Babes Buy Me…Vol I & II ~ Rounder/Philo 1990 Fax It Charge It Don’t Ask Me What’s For Dinner ~ Rounder/Philo 1992 Gabby Road ~Shanachie 1995 Beyond Bitchin’ ~ Shanachie 1999 Compilations On a Winter’s Night When Oct. Goes Follow that Road Laugh Tracks Big League Babe Phil Oaks Compilation

Basic Teaching Philosophy or Special Music Interests/Specialties

When I was a kid The Beatles saved my life, and I've been trying to repay them for 50 years. I believe singing songwriting and performing is a calling, not just a career. I love teaching pop, folk and rock singing and songwriting, and encourage my students to study classical technique as well. Singing and playing music is probably one of the best things we can do for our physical, mental and emotional health. And - best of all it's FUN!

Professional Affiliations & Activities

SAG AFTRA AEA Mezzo – Soprano THEATRE______________________________________________________________ Parcel From America Bridge Irish Theatre of Chicago My Name Is Will Anna Shakespeare Project of Chi. As You Like It Amiens/Composer Shakespeare Project of Chi. JR Sullivan’s Hometown Holiday Self Nordloff Center, Rockford How Ringo Saved Me From A Life In The Convent Self Musical Memoir / 3 Cat Productions+ Her Way ~ Great Women Singers One woman show Overture Center, Metropolis, Wilmette, + Pure Prine Annie Viaduct Theatre Always…Patsy Cline Patsy Northlight Theatre* Quilters Lisa Northlight Theatre* Book of The Night Wishing Woman Goodman (workshop) Beehive Various roles Briar Street Theatre Beehive Various roles Japan Tour Pump Boys and Dinettes Prudie Cupp Apollo Theater *Joseph Jefferson nominated + Original / One Woman show COMMERCIALS/ TELEVISION ___________________ Upon request FILM/VIDEO __________________________________________________ Windy City Live WLS/TV Chicagoing With Bill Campbell WGN Morning News As The World Turns Day Player WGBH Boston Four Bitchin’ Babes Angel Land WCVB/ABC Principle player/Co-writer Star – Danielle Steel/Made for TV Movie/NBC vocals for Jenny Garth Beyond Bitchin’ Four Bitchin’ Babes Concert in Angel Land (Children’s DVD) Co-writer / performer INDUSTRIAL FILMS ______________________________Upon Request DISCOGRAPHY/MUSIC FOR TV __________________ Upon request SKILLS _________________________________________________Guitar, Piano, Composing/Songwriting, Percussion, Bodhran Drum, Yoga, Some Dance, MC, Voice Coach, Musical Theatre, Bicycle, Excellent Driver

A few of my favorite things…
Most memorable musical moment?
Why study music?

I love classic movies. The LIGHTING! And though they're so long and slow compared to contemporary programs, there is a certain "vibe" that comforts me, and takes me back to a beautiful place. The MUSIC in old movies is fantastic, and what inspired me as a kid. Tow if my favorites are Wuthering Heights (The original with Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier) and Rebecca - also staring Olivier! Oh - Downton Abby, The Crown and Ted Lasso for current! One of my favorite books is Memoir of a Geisha. I had the good fortune of touring Japan with the musical Beehive ~ The 60's Musical! and fell in love with the country and the people. I can only encourage people to study music, I know how difficult it can be to take the time and to PRACTICE! Everyone knows It will take time and effort, but the feeling of sitting down and playing a piece, singing a song, and playing with other musicians is - well, indescribable. It can literally change your brain, and hey, who does love that? I know changing my brain and keeping it healthy is a very good thing. Also, I like to encourage my students to give themselves the "gift of their own time" and just lean into it. It doesn't have to be perfect! And hey, in the beginning - it might sound down right awful, but if you stay with it, you will surprise yourself. It's also a great way to connect with your spiritual nature - just sayin'

Anything else we should know?

Now more than ever we need to raise our voice and song to release the Imprisoned Splendor