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Good News for Zoom Students!

Zoom recently released a FREE update that significantly improves the audio quality for music students and teachers. The new feature (version 5.2.2) is called “high fidelity music mode” and is designed to work with the advanced audio setting option known as “enable original sound”.

It is recommended (but not a requirement) that "high fidelity music mode" be used with an external USB microphone and headphones. The external mic and headset will improve your audio quality in any case so if you are able to invest in this equipment it can only help.

We highly recommend that you learn how to utilize “high fidelity music mode”. View the step-by-step instructions on how to access the update and activate the new feature. This document also includes suggestions for USB mics as well as information on a new device called a Powerline Ethernet Adapter that utilizes your home’s electrical wiring to provide a hard-wired Ethernet connection to your computer. A hard-wired internet connection (as opposed to Wi-Fi) generally provides a more reliable connection for your video conferences.

The new update from Zoom along with these best-practices and equipment suggestions will greatly improve your online music leaning experience!

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