Community Music School

Welcome to the Music Institute of Chicago (MIC), one of the nation’s largest and finest community music schools. No matter what your age or level of experience, MIC has something to offer you. Through an extensive array of programs across a neighborhood network of conveniently located campuses, MIC provides the highest quality music instruction to thousands of students each year.


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We invite you to explore our program offerings and look forward to serving your needs as you begin, or continue, what we hope will be a lifelong engagement with music. Whether MIC students become enthusiastic amateurs or accomplished professionals, the skills they acquire foster confidence, concentration and creativity that last a lifetime.


MIC is dedicated to transforming lives through music education. We believe that enjoying and understanding music, and developing the skills to create and perform music enhance the quality of life and nourish the human spirit. More than entertainment or ambient sound, music is a vehicle for understanding, communication and self-improvement, as intrinsic to the human experience as language. Through joyful music learning, listening and playing, MIC students make themselves better and better able to contribute to the world.