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MIC Trumpeters On the Road and In the Schools

MIC Trumpeters On the Road and In the Schools

While there are many opportunities for young string players to get a head start on their instruments, brass players do not typically begin studying until middle school.  MIC trumpet faculty Chris Hasselbring and his brother Jack (Director of Instrumental Music at Holland Brook School in New Jersey) set out to develop a method to teach the fundamentals of brass playing to younger students.

Brass for Beginners

Brass for Beginners, an innovative method utilizing the natural trumpet to teach the fundamentals of brass playing, was developed to offer a head start to 3rd or 4th graders, preparing students for success in their public school instrumental music programs.  The natural trumpet (often referred to as a Baroque trumpet) has no valves and is twice the length of modern valve trumpets. The use of the natural trumpet as a pedagogical tool allows instructors and students to focus on the basics of sound production, articulation, and navigation of the harmonic series, which are fundamental to a student’s success on any of the modern brass instruments. With the support of the Music Institute of Chicago, the Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust, and the Mount Olive Education Foundation Grant (NJ), the Brass for Beginners curriculum has been used to teach group classes since 2007.


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MIC Trumpet Ensembles 
In addition to helping young aspiring trumpeters, natural trumpets have been used as a pedagogical tool for students at intermediate and advanced levels.  At the Music Institute of Chicago, natural trumpet ensembles have been formed to showcase 18th and 19th century trumpet ensemble repertoire for more advanced players.


This spring, MIC trumpeters have had multiple opportunities to perform in the community.  Students from the Brass for Beginners, a part of MIC's Arts Link program, and junior, intermediate and advanced MIC trumpet ensembles performed at the Chicago Brass Festival at Northeastern Illinois University.  The trumpet program was also showcased at MIC's family day of music on March 16th at Nichols Concert Hall.


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Upcoming Events

Later this month, the MIC Advanced Trumpets will perform at the Winnetka Library as part of a special welcome for New Director Rebecca Wolf. 


Sunday, April 14 at 12 pm
Winnetka Library - Lloyd Room

768 Oak Street, Winnetka


For more information about this event click here >>