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ITA was Featured on WGN's Healthy Living Chicago

ITA was Featured on WGN's Healthy Living Chicago

Repost from the Living Healthy Chicago news page


The motto at Chicago’s Institute for Therapy through the Arts (ITA) is: when words are not enough, the arts can often help.  ITA is one of few comprehensive community-based arts therapy programs in the United States that offers art therapy in four modalities; Music, Drama, Art and Movement.  ITA has been recognized nationally with their unique approach to helping children and adults with a wide spectrum of physical, psychological and or developmental challenges. Through the creative arts the clients of ITA find positive ways to express themselves.


The therapists work with clients to engage multiple senses and integrate neurological processes that involve communication, motor, and cognition. Creative Arts Therapy is based on a holistic treatment model fostering integration of the mind and body, promoting optimal health of the WHOLE person.


ITA focuses on several main areas of service which include early childhood programming where the staff at ITA can work on sensory, motor, development and speech issues and for people with anxiety or other social skills difficulties, ITA incorporates socialization groups. ITA provides individual therapy with one-on-one sessions with the therapists for adults and children as well as family therapy to focus on restoring and strengthening the family. Other services ITA can provide are assessment, consultation, treatment planning, interventions, discharge planning and follow up.  Most ITA clients have concerns related to: Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Trauma, Developmental Disabilities , Early Childhood, Brain Injury, Neurologic Disorders, psychological disorders, Emotional Adjustment & Coping, Aging, Addictions, Behavior Disorders, Family Dynamic and Parenting.


A scene from the arts therapy room


ITA is a division of the Music Institute of Chicago. It was founded more than 30 years ago and services approximately 2000 people in Cook, DuPage, Lake and McHenry counties.  In addition to the in-house clinic, ITA has key partnerships with schools, adult day centers, nursing homes, hospitals, a drug rehabilitation center, and a domestic violence shelter.